A Special Thanksgiving Message


The holiday of Thanksgiving has both historical roots and spiritual significance. Through the rituals of Thanksgiving, the forefathers of this nation celebrated what our Creator did for them by bringing them joy even in the midst of scarcity. It was their state of mind, not just the state of their reality, that moved them to be thankful.

Every person with a grateful heart should take stock of the goodness in their life, count his or her blessings and devoutly thank the Almighty. Thanksgiving Day should simply be the catalyst that causes us to be thankful all year long. We should always be happy and say thank you because each and every one of us has much to be grateful for. Every day should be Thanksgiving Day.

Thanksgiving is more than just a holiday, or even a feeling. At its most powerful form of expression, it is an action. Specifically, the act of expressing gratitude for kindnesses bestowed upon us, as well as our ancestors before us. We show our gratitude by personally acknowledging what has been done, or by writing a note, making a phone call, or returning the favor. Being appreciative opens the door to divine blessing and also enhances human relationships. Displaying gratitude is one way of acknowledging and respecting others, building good connections, and increasing unity and brotherhood. When we are thankful for the kindness we receive we extend love to others, resist strife and keep the peace everywhere we go.

When we make an effort to be thankful, we nurture a lifestyle of respect and understanding. How can one embody an attitude of Thanksgiving? We need to learn to think differently if we are to act differently. We must change our perspectives and focus not on our problems but on our blessings—past, present and future.

It’s true that some of us struggle in life. No one on earth is exempt from trials. Even our difficulties, though, can give way to gratitude if we keep in mind that things can always be worse off than they are. So, in a sense, no matter our circumstances, we should always be thankful to the Almighty for his kindness and mercy.

We pray for a better world. We pray for a world in which we stretch our hands to help each other. May we all be blessed with happiness, the ability to be thankful at all times, the establishment of peace and true love between mankind. Amen. Happy Thanksgiving.


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