Halloween Horror House Winners Announced

(Photo courtesy of the Levittown Community Council)

A new approach to voting in the annual Halloween Horror House contest by Levittown Community Council (LCC) has attracted thousands of views and engagements on the organization’s Facebook page.

This year, the Council, via social media, requested nominations from the public and four houses were nominated to be in the running for three winning positions. Volunteers from the organization, President Pat Patane and Secretary, Mary Kay Ross then chose three from the list of nominations to be in the competition. Winners, selected by the most votes, were announced on Monday, Oct. 25.

According to Patane and Ross, all of the houses are “must-sees” for an exciting fun Halloween experience. The first place winner is Phil Sellitto, whose home at 47 Hamlet Road, Levittown incorporates an eerie variety of mesmerizing props that he has hand-crafted to delight the neighborhood.

Sellitto, has put his engineering degree to good use and his latest creation is a handmade coffin that opens upon to his command, is equipped with smoke, and just begging for Bella Lugosi to make an appearance. From a stagecoach driven by skeletal horses, to the huge spiders attacking the roof of his home, it is hard to believe that he created this spine-chilling display.

Adding to the adventure, Sellitto invites those brave enough, to go through his walk-through, built on the side of his home. Taking a close second in the number of votes submitted, were Steve and Kristen Angiuli and their children Ava and Giulianni whose home at 3104 N. Jerusalem Rd., Wantagh is a month-long project incorporating amazing props and astounding animatronics meant to delight the spectators. Skeletons on the roof search for access to the home and a video projects to the outside from an upstairs bedroom window.

Steve has always liked the Halloween theme. His dad got him interested in horror movies when he was a kid and, apparently, he has spread that interest to his family, which begins the decorating process in September and tweaks and adds throughout the season. Coming in third in the selection process was the home of Ann and Bill Rehder at 59 Prentice Road, Levittown.

Keeping the Halloween tradition alive for the past ten years, the Rehders have been decorating their house in this horror-filled fashion for the past ten years and was chosen as a 2nd place winner in the LCC’s 2016 Halloween Horror House contest. They started out small and have expanded their decorations each year bringing the spectacle to new heights with skeletons nicely placed as they crawl on the roof. Also in the running was the Mouzakitts home at 215 Blacksmith Rd., Levittown.

With barely a space left on the front lawn, the Spooktacular display is amazing. Evelyn and Bill Mouzakitts enjoy decorating and switch things up every year. A second place winner in the 2019 contest, this year’s addition, includes witches in the carport area that appear to be conducting a bewitching spell. The Levittown Community Council, was established in 1998 as a spinoff of Levittown’s 50th anniversary celebration the year prior. New members are always appreciated and welcomed.

-Submitted by the Levittown Community Council


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