Spotlight On Business: Lotus Fitness

Ahmed Ahmed of Lotus Fitness
(Photo courtesy of the Levittown Chamber of Commerce)

The Levittown Chamber of Commerce would like to introduce a relatively new member who joined in December 2019. Lotus Fitness is a gym owned by Ahmed Ahmed and yes, his first name is the same as his last name, so it’s very easy to remember.

Lotus Fitness is located at 3058 Hempstead Turnpike in Levittown with entrance in the back near the parking lot.

Ahmed started his own fitness journey a decade ago – intent on losing weight and making it happen. The lessons he learned and continue to learn everyday at the gym have opened up opportunities to him that he never thought possible beforehand. The understanding of self efficacy, personal responsibility and a beginner’s mindset, cultivated through workouts, have lead him to become a results-oriented coach. He specializes in getting people to reap their own life-altering benefits from living a healthier life.

Additionally on the personal side, Ahmed graduated from Stony Brook University and he loves spending time at the beach, going for long walks and spending time with family.

With the pandemic hitting in March Ahmed had to adjust his work habits since the gyms were ordered to shut down but he adjusted nicely by holding Zoom sessions with his clients that worked out very well.

Lotus Fitness has now opened once again at their location but ready to fall back to the Zoom sessions if the pandemic dictates it.

Lotus Fitness is on a mission to help local professionals and residents, their families and friends to achieve their health and fitness goals, gain confidence from the pursuit of long lasting results and help them live their best lives. They offer complete programs in which they cover everything you would need to know to get the best results possible from a fitness program.

When speaking with Ahmed you will find him to be an extremely friendly energetic person who truly cares!

In order to reach Ahmed at Lotus Fitness regarding special offers please give him a call at 516-513-0252 or shoot him an email at

-Submitted by Don Patane


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