Island Trees School District Continues To Succeed


As the community, and the world at large, continues to battle with COVID-19, unemployment and a life lesson on the economics of supply and demand, the teachers in the Island Trees School District are keeping their students motivated, engaged and on a continual journey to progress their education all through distance learning.

With so much uncertainty in the air, teachers have taken the reins in ensuring that the student body continues to receive a Grade A education and is a top priority in each teacher’s daily life.

Within a moment’s notice, teachers, students, parents and administrators were whisked into unchartered waters unaware of what the birth of each new day would provide.

Not only did teachers rise to the occasion, they continue to raise the bar with each morning’s dawn.

Bringing to the table all the necessary ingredients for a well-balanced meal may not be an easy task, but the teachers deliver.

From actual deliveries of materials to students’ doors to virtual classes online, each student has the opportunity to be an active participant in their learning experience.

As each student from fifth through twelfth grade is equipped with their own Chrome Book, the transition to remote learning was smoother in Island Trees than when compared to some other districts.

The teachers were ready to make the best out of a sad situation.  Although there is nothing that can replace a teacher in the classroom, by meeting virtually with students as a class, small group or even independently, the teachers have taken their lemons and made some very tasty lemonade.

From virtual field trips to online read-alongs, science experiments, interactive math lessons and everything in-between, the students of Island Trees can continue to soar.

Sadly, academics may not be the main concern for many during such challenging times, and so teachers remain connected with students and parents with phone calls, emails and messages knowing that the welfare of all is the top priority.

As social distancing has greatly impacted our youth, it has solidified the importance and reminded all that humans are social beings.

Virtual hangouts and meets may be filling the void for now, but they simply cannot be forever. Children and adults alike thrive off of one another.

All are looking forward to the days of returning to school and walking into their classrooms feeling that sense of security.

Until then, we will keep revving our engines, pushing forward knowing that although the end may not be in distant sight. It will be well worth the wait.

-Submitted by the United Teachers of Island Trees


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