Car Parade Uplifts Seaford High School Students And Teachers

Seaford High School students lined up along Waverly Avenue on May 8 to see their teachers, who drove around the district in a car parade. (Photo courtesy of Seaford School District)

Seaford High School teachers have only seen their students on a screen over the last two months because of the COVID-19 pandemic, so on May 8, they decided it was time for some face-to-face interaction even if it was from a distance.

About 50 administrators and teachers drove through the community to wave to students and share messages of encouragement and support. The car parade, which began and ended at the high school, lasted about two hours.

It covered eight miles of Seaford roads spanning all areas of the district. A map was shared with students in advance so they could get a spot along the route and once the parade began, look at social media updates of its progress through town.

The parade was led by the Seaford Fire Department, with the Viking mascot atop a fire engine waving the Seaford flag. In pickup truck beds rode Principal Scott Bersin, Assistant Principals Jennifer Bisulca and Nicole Schnabel and Director of Physical Education Health and Athletics Kevin Witt.

Following them were dozens of teachers who decorated their cars with posters, streamers, balloons and more.

French teacher Ina Ionescu said that every glittery letter she wrote on her car was “a heartbeat, a mind hug, memories of students smiling and raising their hands.”

She said it was great to see the students along the streets waving at them and made her very proud to be a part of the Seaford family.

Diana Arichabala, a Spanish and ENL teacher, said that being able to write messages for students on their cars was special because it was the first in-person communication they have had since the schools shut down. She particularly wanted to highlight the graduating seniors and included quotes from songs that they’ve bonded over in class.

“We miss the students so much,” Arichabala said. “They’re the best part of being a teacher and are the sunshine that brighten our days at school. It was so wonderful seeing our colleagues and the community come out to greet each other.”

Math teacher Jessica Delguercio decorated her car with a big sign for the parade. (Photo courtesy of Seaford School District)

Math teacher Jessica Delguercio’s minivan was affixed with a sign that read “Mrs. Delguercio Loves You! Seaford Pride!” Her three sons rode along with her to share in the
special moment.

“I teared up as I drove to the school and continued to fight back the tears as I saw so many of my Seaford High School family members in the parking lot,” Delguercio said. “But when I saw my students, their families, past students and so many community members along the parade route with encouraging words and signs, I couldn’t fight it anymore.”

Science department chairman and teacher James Scourtus added, “I miss my
students and I miss teaching them at the high school. It made me very happy to see many of their smiling faces during the parade. This experience also gave me a strong sense of being appreciated and accepted as a valued member of their community. Seaford is a truly
wonderful community full of good people and really great students.”


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