Motorcade Of Love For Division Avenue’s Class Of 2020

Division Avenue High School staff members participated in a parade around Levittown to celebrate the graduating class on May 4. (Photo courtesy of the Levittown Public Schools)

Division Avenue High School’s building administrators and staff, along with central administrators and board members, filled the streets of Levittown with Blue Dragon pride to honor Division Avenue High School’s Class of 2020 on May 4.

The staff organized a senior celebration parade, making it their mission to drive by each soon-to-be graduate’s house to cheer them on.

Staff members decorated their vehicles with uplifting signs, balloons and more to show how much they care about the graduating class.

Seniors and their families were encouraged to stand outside their houses as the cars passed.

Some members of the Class of 2020 decorated the outside of their houses with graduation signs and wore attire representing their post-graduation plans, whether it be college, joining the military or pursuing a specific career.

“The senior celebration parade was a spectacular display of the strength of our community,” said Principal John Coscia. “It was an uplifting and unifying experience that
boosted the spirits of our seniors and our entire Division Family. We know that the end of their senior year isn’t typical, but it doesn’t mean that we can’t show our love for them. We
will do whatever it takes for them.”


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