Athlete Of The Week: Joseph Cain

Joseph Cain plays varsity baseball, basketball and football at Seaford High School.
(Photo courtesy of Seaford School District)

Joseph Cain is a Seaford High School senior, playing not one, but three sports: baseball, basketball and football.

Being a three-sport athlete is rare and can be difficult to manage for some because they have to focus on schoolwork and sports at the same time.

Cain is excelling in the three sports he plays. He’s done especially well in baseball, which has allowed him to move up the ranks in his career at St. Joseph’s College in Patchogue next season.

“When I think of Joe Cain, since I met him in second grade, I think of one phrase: ‘all in,’” varsity baseball coach Mike Milano said. “Joe will be a tremendous part of our mature team in 2020.”

On the varsity football team, he was part of a group that won the 2019 Nassau County Conference IV Championship.

During his senior year, he also averaged 10.7 points per game for the varsity basketball team. Cain spoke to the Tribune about his journey in sports, how he manages being a student-athlete and the impact sports has on his life.

Q: How did your journey in sports begin?
A: My older brother and my dad are both very into sports. I just followed them and always watched sports as a kid.

Q: What is it like playing sports throughout the year?
A: The wear and tear on your body is obviously a challenge, but I fight through it and do the best I can to keep moving forward.

Q: How do you approach your preparation for each sport?
A: Obviously, the training in the offseason for all sports is very important. We have to make sure the team stays together and focuses on the goal of winning.

Q: How difficult is it for you to manage your time as a student-athlete?
A: It’s not too difficult because the teachers make it very easy for me. The teachers are very helpful and they are always there during off periods if I need anything.

Q: When did you realize being a multi-sport athlete would be possible for you?
A: I just realized at a very young age that I liked a lot of sports and continued to play them throughout my life with friends at the park and trained for them.

Q: What made you decide to play three sports as compared to dedicating yourself to one sport as you will in college?
A: I like staying active. I like being part of all the team’s I’ve been on. It’s just been the best part of my life.

Q: What are your favorite moments in your sports career thus far?
A: My favorite moments are the time I spend with my teammates off the field. We just come together and enjoy time with each other.

Q: How much do you think sports has impacted your life?
A: It has obviously impacted me very much. It got me into college. I love playing every sport I can, and I wish I could play them the rest of my life.

Q: What teams did you grow up rooting for?
A: The New York Mets, Islanders, Giants and New Orleans Pelicans.


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