Athlete Of The Week: Angelina Fazzino

Angelina Fazzino swims at a recent meet for the Levittown district girls swim team.
(Photos courtesy of coach Pete Groner)

MacArthur High School junior Angelina Fazzino is one with the pool. When she dives in, she is at peace, her head is clear and she is ready to go.

Fazzino competes for the Levittown district girls high school swim team, emerging as a rising star. In 18 dual meet individual events in 2019, Fazzino took home 12 trophies, while finishing runner-up in the other six contests. She also holds the district record in the 500-yard freestyle, as well as the 200-yard freestyle.

Fazzino qualified for the Nassau County championship freestyles in the 100, 200 and 500-yard contests, plus the 200-yard individual medley. The Levittown Tribune spoke with her to find out what it’s like to be a winning swimmer.

Q: What were some highlights from your season?
A: It was awesome. It was great to be conference champions for the second year in a row, coming up from Conference III. I’m proud of the way we stepped up and took on that challenge. We handled everything really well.

Q: What stands out about your skill set?
A: I work really hard in practice and I’m really motivated to get where I want to be. I work really hard to push myself and exceed the limits.

Q: How did you get started swimming competitively?
A: I did swim lessons when I was little at the Jerusalem Avenue pool. I grew up doing that. A couple of the instructors were like, “You clearly have a love for it. You should try going a swim team.” The next year, I joined the CYO [Catholic Youth Organization] swim team. The year after that, I joined the USA team and I continued to swim over the summer. I fell in love with the sport.

Q: What have you done well with over the years?
A: I’ve learned a lot of leadership skills and time management. It’s a lot when you’re a student-athlete and go to practice three to four hours a day. Getting to the high school level taught me how to manage my time well and equally spread everything out.

Q: What are those practices like?
A: I practice six days a week, sometimes before and after school. Mostly, it’s after school for two to three hours. During high school season, I practice for four hours. I go from high school practice to my club practice. They’re pretty challenging. I really wouldn’t trade it for anything because it makes me a better person. I feel like I need it to decompress and it keeps my head clear. I really get into the mode and the right mindset when I’m in practice.

Q: What do you want to improve on before you graduate?
A: I want to work on my leadership skills and leading the team to another successful year. I’d love to swim in college, and it doesn’t matter what division.


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