Levittown Council Selects Halloween Horror House Winners

Anne Marie and Chris Savini’s house on Roxbury Lane
(Photo courtesy of the Levittown Community Council)

Each year, the Levittown Community Council goes all out for Halloween. Bright lights, scary decorations, coffins and oh, so much more.

This time around, it was no different, as the council made sure suburbia got in on the spooky fun. Driving around Levittown, one might think it’s December with the amount of amazing decorations adorning these homes.

Fortunately, the homes in Levittown aren’t haunted.

Roxbury Lane was well-represented this year, largely thanks to Anne Marie and Chris Savini, who decorated their home unlike any other. From skeletons to an actual coffin and more, the Savini home was so impressive that the judges named them as first-place winners in this year’s Halloween “Horror House Contest.”

“They left a letter in our mailbox, so I didn’t believe it,” Chris Savini said.

The couple will be recognized at the Levittown Community Council’s annual Winter Festival, set to take place on Feb. 15, 2020 at Levittown Hall, where they will receive their prize. Whatever the prize is, the Savini family will donate it.

“We’re going to donate it,” Anne Marie Savini said.

The family decorates their house every year, not even knowing about the contest until the letter was dropped in their mailbox. As the neighborhood kids circle around their house before and on Halloween, the Savinis love to get creative.

“We kind of feed off it when everyone else starts to enjoy it,” Chris Savini said. “We’ve been getting a lot of heavy foot traffic for the last month. We decorated on Sept. 15.”

In all, it took about two days to decorate their house. That was just the original group of skeletons, surrounded by orange lights. From there, they added some Halloween fun along the way.

“This is more of our Christmas,” he said, joking they decorate the house more for Halloween. “I go all out.”

But the most unusual part of this house’s Halloween costume is the casket. It’s real, too. The Savini squad saw it on the Facebook Marketplace, and they knew it would be a hoot.

“I don’t see the house having much creepiness to it,” Anne Marie Savini joked. “One of the skeletons is dancing, like they’re at a disco. The other is roasting marshmallows. It’s not too scary.”

Unfortunately, on Oct. 28 at around 3:30 in the morning, a pair of kids vandalized the house and broke one of the skeletons, which was caught on-camera. But even that won’t ruin this family’s enjoyment of putting a smile on the faces of Levittowners.

Finishing second in this year’s competition was Billy and Evelyn Mouzakitis of Blacksmith Road, while third place went to Lore and Angelo Cataldo of Skimmer Lane.
All three families will be recognized at the Winter Festival.


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