Athlete Of The Week: Matt Meyer

Varsity soccer player Matt Meyer is considered to be a leader for the Vikings.
(Photo courtesy of the Seaford School District)

Matt Meyer has been playing sports since he was a toddler. Now a Seaford High School varsity star, he plays on not only the soccer team, but the basketball and lacrosse squads as well.

The senior is the lead defender for the Vikings boys soccer team, helping the team attempt to get a winning this year.

“I’m always working hard and I’m always pushing to get the ball down,” he said. “Some of my main skills are to jab and retreat. Don’t dive in or step in.”

Head coach Ralph Pascarella relies heavily on Meyer’s skill set for each match.

“Matt is our best defender and he’s the hardest-working player,” Pascarella said. “His best quality is his ability to compete and battle. He’s really smart and savvy and his teammates feed off of his intensity.”

Fortunately, the three seasons don’t overlap much. However, the grind of being a three-sport student-athlete is not an easy one.

Meyer focuses on his school work constantly, knowing just how important his education is. While there might be a lot of pressure on his shoulders, he has learned how to deal with it over the years.

“It’s not easy, and it always comes with a balance with school work,” he said. “It’s school first, but I have to run to athletic activities, run home and then finish my homework before I go to bed.”

As Meyer prepares for the basketball season to kick off as well, the point guard/shooting guard is ready to play what he considers to be his best sport in terms of raw ability.

“My ball handling in basketball is one of my most important skills,” Meyer said. “I’m a pretty good shooter. The main similarity between all three sports is defending.”

In lacrosse, Meyer is a midfielder, and occasionally plays long stick midfield as well.

“Mostly in lacrosse and soccer, I force a lot of turnovers,” he said. “In basketball, I’m a scorer and I distribute the ball a lot, with plenty of assists.”

Moving forward, Meyer would like to play lacrosse in college. While he is undecided on what institution he will attend come next fall, he knows he wants to utilize his talents. To top it off, he wants to study engineering, showing he’s a student-athlete who can go above and beyond, both on and off the field.


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