Pumpkin Spice? Thank God twice!


It probably doesn’t help that I never liked pumpkin pie. So when the first announcement that a pumpkin-spice product appeared in late July, I started to cringe. It amazes me how many items are being co-opted with this autumnal flavoring (most of it artificial, to be sure.) People are posting a variety of pumpkin spice products on their social media pages and it’s sometimes difficult to discern which are real and which are jokes.

Pumpkin spice breakfast cereal, pumpkin spice cookies and pumpkin spice coffee (ugh) are real things. Pumpkin spice mouthwash or toothpaste? Pumpkin spice Charmin? Pumpkin spice gasoline? Pumpkin spice Spam? Is nothing sacred?

Rather than only complain about this invasion (and I will continue to complain only because it feels good) I wanted to link the ubiquitous spice to a spiritual moment. When someone sneezes, many people still say “God bless you” — a little spiritual connection in the midst of a cold or an allergic moment. So too I’m hoping that every time we see “Pumpkin Spice!” being advertised or offered that we take a moment of gratitude to God — after all the zenith of the pumpkin spice “season” will be Thanksgiving day.

So how about this mantra: “Pumpkin spice? Thank God twice!” Corny? Perhaps. But let’s face it: we have been blessed many times over. Though folks are fond of complaining about other people’s driving or the high taxes or how the sun is setting much earlier these days, when we compare our “problems” to the suffering of so many people throughout the world, it is good to be frequently reminded that we are indeed fortunate and blessed.

“Pumpkin spice? Thank God twice!” offers us a chance to stop and think of at least two things that we are grateful for at that moment. For me it will move me from being annoyed or amused by the prospect of pumpkin spice in my laundry detergent to being more positive about what I’ve been gifted with in my life, including my health, my relationships, my faith and my family.

So the next time you see an offer for pumpkin spice lattes or dental floss or beer, pause a moment and think: Pumpkin spice? then Thank God twice!


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