Athlete Of The Week Roundup: Round 5

Jack Cornell, a lacrosse player from Island Trees High School, practices in preparation for an upcoming game.
(Photo by Island Trees School District)

The summer is almost over. But children can still relax and take a break from the intense life as a student-athlete.

This summer, the Tribune will take a look back at the stars of the region throughout the season. Athletes who were featured throughout the winter and spring seasons excelled, partially due to their innate abilities on the court and field, but also thanks to their peers, who often pick them up when they’re down.

Alyssa Amatulli cheers for the Nassau County champion MacArthur team. (Photo by Levittown Public Schools)

Led by senior Alyssa Amatulli, MacArthur’s cheerleading team accomplished the unthinkable. And a chunk of the credit, according to head coach Jacqueline Day, goes to Amatulli. She tried out for the Hofstra Pride cheerleading team and made the cut right off the bat.

When Island Trees High School’s Jack Cornell hits the lacrosse field, his eyes are on the prize. He’s focused and determined to stop the opposing offense from scoring against his beloved Bulldogs. While Cornell has plenty of time to decide whether or not he will play at the NCAA level, he understands what it means to be a leader for Island Trees.

Nicholas Barreiros, a catcher for the Seaford Vikings, was just named to
the all-conference team. (Photo courtesy of Seaford School District)

Cornell, who will be a junior, also plays basketball for the school’s varsity team. Standing at about six-feet tall, he plays the guard position, meaning he switches things up in a combination of offensive and defensive prowess.

Nicholas Barreiros is a catcher for the Seaford High School baseball squad. His impressive six-foot, 165-pound stature, combined with endless workouts and protein shakes galore, has created one of the best players in Vikings history. Currently, Barreiros doesn’t know where he will play at the NCAA level. However, his goal is clear: Be a leader.


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