Athlete Of The Week: Colin Diez

Division Avenue High School’s Colin Diez swings at a recent varsity baseball game.
(Photo by Levittown Public Schools)

As the Division Avenue High School Blue Dragons baseball team rolls through the playoffs, senior Colin Diez is reflecting on the final few weeks of life as a high schooler.

The pitcher and center fielder attempts to stand out amongst his peers, and thus far, it’s worked to perfection. This all-conference star is ready for the challenge ahead as he gears up for Division II ball at Queens College. The Tribune spoke to Diez, discussing life as both a pitcher and center fielder, as well as a look into his future.

Q: What are your pitching strengths?

A: My strength is definitely my knuckle-drop, a pitch we throw here at Division. Also, it’s my mentality. I have the will to win. I aim to throw strikes every game. I let my defense field the plays behind me.

Q: What is the art of this knuckle-drop that you speak of?

A: It’s one of the pitches we teach here at Division. It looks like a fastball, but it drops down. It’s almost a knuckleball, but it’s better. A lot of hitters are confused by it. They go, “What is this?”

Q: How have you improved over the course of your four years at Division?

A: Every year, I’ve progressed to get better. As a senior I’m very in the groove and relaxed. I have no pressure on me. All I need to do is help my team win and do my job.

Q: What pre-game routines do you have?

A: Usually, before a game, I’ll go by myself all the way in the outfield by the sideline. I’ll do my running routine, stretching routine and a few other things before every game.

Q: What’s it like knowing you have to say goodbye to this team?

A: It’s very sad. The last four years have been the best of my life with this team. This year specifically, we were a great team. I love everyone on the team, both my coaches and teammates. I know we’re going out on a bang. We’re in the semifinals right now and we’re close to a county championship. It’s been our goal since we were little kids, and I think we can do it this year. We treat every game like it’s our last.

Q: What’s next for you after graduation?

A: I’m going to Queens College to play baseball in the fall. I’ll be dorming there and majoring in physical education. I’m looking forward to making new teammates and friends. I want to make an impact in my freshman year with the baseball team.


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