Division Avenue Students Hold Colorful Fundraiser

(Photo courtesy of Pin to Win Wrestling Parent’s Club)

It was a colorful Sunday at Division Avenue High School, more so than any other. That’s because the Pin to Win Wrestling Parent’s Club wanted to do something unique for the community.

As the Division Avenue varsity wrestlers attempt to expand their horizons, the club thought it would be the perfect opportunity to raise awareness about what they’re trying to accomplish.

“We want to take them traveling, and it’s just very expensive with the traveling itself, the cost of hotels and so forth,” Deena Moore, president of the Pin to Win Wrestling Parent’s Club, said. “These fundraisers help pay for these events and the travel expenses. The fundraising is great for scholarships at the end of the year for the seniors. All of the money we raise goes to the kids. It’s just important that we have funds to provide them with.”

The club created the first annual Color Run, which took place on May 19, as supporters walked around the school’s track with plenty of paint powder to go around for everyone. In all, about 175 people showed up to the event.

(Photo courtesy of Pin to Win Wrestling Parent’s Club)

“Everyone was covered, head-to-toe,” Moore, whose son J.D. is on the Division Avenue varsity team, said. “When do you see wrestlers covered head-to-toe in color powder? They were having their own fun amongst themselves at the station. I think they had a great time.”

Head coach Sean Breves first cooked up this idea last year, adopting his own version of it after seeing Massapequa do a similar event. Not only were the wrestlers involved in the event, but the National Honor Society members of Division Avenue High School also stepped up.

Thanks to the success of the Color Run, the varsity team will be able to reward its students, many of whom have been looking to get new equipment. Additionally, the extra several hundred dollars in funding raised during the Color Run will help the wrestling squad pay for non-division events, travel and more. First up will be an overnight trip in the coming weeks.

“The goal was twofold,” Breves said. “One was just to raise money for the wrestling team. It’s very expensive. This is my second year, and I really wanted to build a team that was a family to support Levittown as a community. A lot of teams do fundraisers, but I felt something like this is great for the community.”

Since the event was such a success, the Pin to Win Wrestling Parent’s Club plans to make this an annual event. Besides the support of the school community, the Color Run was sponsored by ZIC PT of Levittown, Huntington Learning Center of Carle Place and Method Test Prep of Plainview.

“Every senior on our team gets a scholarship,” Breves said. “Last year, we did $100 for every senior who graduated. I’m hoping that in the years to come, this can be a big fundraiser and we can offer more substantial scholarships to seniors.”

(Photo courtesy of Pin to Win Wrestling Parent’s Club)

Moving forward, Breves has high expectations for his Blue Dragons. As the family atmosphere catches on, it’s something that other schools in the district can follow.

“I am very proud of our Division Avenue school community and the numerous philanthropic activities they undertake each year,” Superintendent of Levittown Public Schools Dr. Tonie McDonald said. “The Color Run is just one example of the many ways our schools give back to the community.”


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