The joys of our youths


In past years I have written reviews of the wonderful events that showcase the talents of Levittown’s young people but I wrote after the events were over and some readers noted that they would have liked to know in advance so they could attend the different shows and concerts.

The best way to know what the local schools have to offer is to check out the calendars on their websites ( and but as a community service, let me highlight some of the enjoyable events that are happening this spring. After all, our tax dollars are paying for the education of our children and here’s a way to benefit as a community from our taxes by enjoying these events.

Division Ave High School
Wednesday, May 15th • Student Art Show • 5-8pm
Monday, May 20th • Spring Concert (1) • 7:30pm
Thursday, May 23rd • Spring Concert (2) • 7:30pm

MacArthur High School
Wednesday, May 22nd • Student Art Show • 5-8pm
Thursday, May 30th • Spring Concert • 7:30pm

Island Trees High School
Thursday, May 16th • Chorus & Orchestra Concert • 7pm

Another way to experience the talent, energy and community spirit of Levittown is to attend the Memorial Day Parade on Hempstead Turnpike, starting at 10am on Monday, May 27th. Bring folding chairs and sit along the Turnpike and cheer the school bands and community groups as they honor those who gave their lives in past years. The parking lot at Saint Bernard’s is available for those who need a place to park.

I believe that what makes a community healthy and dynamic place is when its residents participate together in communal events. I hear from so many who decry the isolating effect of video games and online addictions that are afflicting many people of all ages. Getting out for a show, a concert and a parade frees us from tiny-screen living and fills us with amazement, joy and life.

So this spring I encourage everyone to call your friends (or message them) and plan on going out to some of our local community events. They’re free! And whenever we wonder about what’s happening with the future generation, watching our young people express their talents will give us hope.


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