New gazebo symbolizes new look for Levittown

    A group of dedicated Levittowners were on hand to unveil the brand new gazebo at Levittown Veterans Memorial Park.

    Pay close attention while heading over to the Levittown Public Library. There’s a new squad waiting to greet visitors.

    A group of five soldiers just arrived back to Levittown, and they’re hanging out across the street from the Levittown Public Library. They don’t have plans to move anywhere.

    That’s because these soldiers aren’t real. They’re made of stone, symbolizing the uniqueness of Levittown. The area’s history, one of great significance to suburban America in the post-World War II era, is being guarded by the soldiers.

    Joined by the soldiers’ side is a brand new gazebo, just unveiled in the heart of Levittown. Veterans Memorial Park is getting a makeover, modernizing it to reflect the new era of Levittown.

    “This is the culmination of a lot of weeks spent planning,” Councilman Dennis Dunne Sr. said. “We’ve been adding things to it and moving things around.”
    The new gazebo is topped with a red roof. It has a beautiful sign that reads, “Levittown Veterans Gazebo,” featuring the red, white and blue of the American flag, donned with a star from Old Glory on each side.

    It’s not just a gazebo, either. In the coming weeks, there will be multiple tables placed next to the gazebo. The picnic tables will have solar energy, perfect for those who want to charge their phone or laptop in the middle of the day. With its convenient location across the street from the library, people can check out a book and head right over to the gazebo area.

    The gazebo will be under 24-hour camera surveillance, according to Town of Hempstead Commissioner of Parks and Recreation Daniel Lino. It also includes LED lights, which will be activated from dusk to dawn.

    The veterans gazebo was donated by the Levittown Business Corridor Improvement Association. It’s part of a series of beautification projects occuring in Levittown, many of which will be complete in the coming months, including a mini-Levittown (a scaled down version of the area), off of Division Avenue.

    On Memorial Day, the gazebo will be the final stop of the parade, decorated with American flags waving around to show the area’s true unity.

    In 2012, the old gazebo at the park was destroyed by vandals and was taken down. It had been purchased in 2001 by the Levittown Chamber of Commerce.

    The project began in January, when Les Rumel called up Dunne. They set up a meeting with Donald Patane and the Levittown VFW’s Matthew DeGregorio and Peter Stasinski. From there, it took multiple weekly meetings to plan out exactly what they wanted.
    It’s a great way to recognize those who sacrificed their lives for the United States of America.

    For Levittown, it marks the start of a new era, one that will honor the veterans who moved into the area six decades ago, while entering a new stage. The next generation can enjoy the beauty Levittown has to offer thanks to the veterans of the community.


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