Abbey Lane Students Share SEL Programs With BOE

Abbey Lane Elementary School building administrators, students and staff with central administrators, student liaisons and board members. (Photo by Levittown Public Schools)

The Levittown community learned more about what is being done at the elementary level for social-emotional learning during the Levittown Public Schools’ regular Board of Education meeting on Feb. 6. Abbey Lane Elementary School Principal Dr. George Maurer introduced Assistant Principal Milton Josephs, Abbey Lane staff members, 10 students and a parent, as part of the special SEL presentation.

“The importance of addressing social-emotional learning and the development of students is a current highlighted focus within all of our schools,” said Dr. Maurer. “Before a student is ready to learn they must understand the basics of what being a part of the school community means, how to interact effectively with others and how to regulate their emotions.”

The 10 students – Ava Brush, Sarah Cannata, Gabriella Florio, Hia Gospodarzec, Jack Harrington, Sam Kearney, Bella Kirk, Keira Quigley, Sydney Rochefort and Shane Villaume, spoke about the Beautiful Me, Big Buds, Gator Games, Get A Voice and Peer Mentoring programs. Some of these programs are found throughout the district, while others are unique to Abbey Lane.

Each student shared his or her experience with one of the programs and highlighted the positive effects it has made on him or her as an individual. Those involved in these programs have the ability to build connections, strengthen their self-esteem, confidence and more.


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