Allie’s GF Goodies Provides Safe Desserts

Some of the gluten-free sweets you’ll find at Allie’s GF Goodies.

Allison Luckman knows the struggle of trying to accommodate children with food allergies.

With a family history of irritable bowel syndrome, a son with egg and dairy allergies, a daughter with gluten intolerance and having celiac disease herself, Luckman set out to open a shop where she could do for the public what she had already been doing for her family for years—baking delicious, allergen-free creations. Five years ago she opened Allie’s GF Goodies in Hicksville, a bakery boasting a menu of products that are always certified free from gluten, dairy, peanuts, tree nuts, coconut, sesame, legumes, pea protein, fish and crustacean. The shop is also certified kosher.

While some products use soy and egg, there is never cross-contamination, as Luckman keeps her kitchen equipment color-coded and uses separate ovens for egg products.

“This is a safe zone,” said Luckman, a certified master trainer who can train staff to become certified to make their own facilities allergen-free spaces. “We have something for everyone. If, by some reason, a child can’t have something, I can make them something. Our whole reason of being is no child left out and inclusion, and making sure everyone has something to eat.”

On the menu are treats like Luckman’s signature cheesecake brownies, donuts, cookies of all shapes, sizes and flavors, scones, cupcakes, muffins, cheesecake and more. Any dessert you can think of is guaranteed to be on Luckman’s shelves, but before the mixing and baking can begin, all ingredients must go through rigorous scrutiny.

“To do what we do, I have to get allergen certifications on everything. I have to know where it comes from, where it’s packaged, where it’s stored and what lines it’s run on,” Luckman explained. “There’s not anything that we bring in that we don’t know where it comes from.”

Through trial and error and plenty of research, Luckman has perfected every recipe to accommodate every type of allergy and swap out ingredients when customers need it. She’s also trained her staff to know the ins and outs of allergies and the proper handling of food in an allergen-free kitchen.

“Our customers know that they can come in and if I’m selling it on the shelf it means I’ve tried it and I’ve researched it,” she said. “We care about safety here. We care about smiles and safety and making sure a kid is happy. The parents and the kids that come in here know that they come first.”

Visit Allie’s GF Goodies at 1B W. Village Green in Hicksville.

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