Levittown Robotics Campers Shine

From left: Jonas E. Salk Middle School students Darien Martinez, Paul Kaplan, Declan Pen and Aidan Prescott during Edison.

Problem-solving, collaboration and creativity are encompassed into one during the Levittown Public Schools’ brand new Middle School Robotics Camp at Wisdom Lane Middle School. Open to incoming sixth-, seventh- and eighth-graders attending Jonas E. Salk Middle School and Wisdom Lane Middle School in the fall, the two-week summer enrichment program enables students to create their own working robots while learning to code.

Campers rotate to different sessions throughout the day which include VEX and Edison Robotics. In VEX, students are transformed into innovators through STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematic) building activities. Putting their problem-solving skills to the test, campers engage in an electronic learning project called “Catch the Bug,” create and design their own electric race car, and design, build and code a VEX Robot.

In Edison, the campers continue to learn about robotics and the coding that is involved through the Edison Robot. They build and write code for their robot, allowing it to complete a variety of tasks. The robot allows for three different progressive coding formats to meet the individual level of the user and functions include responding to light and sound, line tracking and autonomous movement. At the conclusion of the program, the campers are able to take their robot kits home where they can continue to invent, build and program.

“My favorite part about Robotics Camp is being able to build everything,” said incoming Jonas E. Salk Middle School sixth-grader Alyssa Wunsch. “I have a little robot at home, but I’ve never been able to do anything like this with it. I also learned that sometimes I can’t do all of it without help.”

Sessions are taught by certified teachers from throughout the district, and student volunteers from Division Avenue High School and MacArthur High School help assist with the program. They play a valuable role in working with the campers and rotate to the different sessions with them. With all their hard work, the students put in approximately 50 hours of community service through the program.

Campers also enjoy outdoor games on the back field where they can engage with their peers and embrace the warm weather.


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