Changing The Pizza Game


By Sam Fristachi

In a town where there is a pizza place on every corner, Piecraft is unlike any other. Piecraft, located at 1187 Wantagh Ave., in Wantagh, does not have pre-made slices like other pizzerias. Here, you have the chance to make your own pizza pie.

The first step is choosing what type of dough you want. There are three different options: original ( a whole wheat blend), spicy firecracker (one dollar more and has sun dried tomato and cayenne) and a gluten free dough, which is three dollars extra and is baked in a gluten free oven. After you choose your dough, you then choose what base you want on your pizza. There are five options available, including NY classic, margherita red, pesto green, white pie and pink pie. Then you add the toppings, which range from grilled pineapple to Applewood smoked bacon to black olives.

There are also specialty pizzas available for customers as well as other dining options. Salads, soups, quinoa bowls, wings, a burrata plate and meatballs are also on the menu. The popular student special runs Monday through Friday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. and includes any pie of choice with two $0.99 toppings and a soft drink for only $7.50. All you have to do is show your student ID at the register. Another special is Meatball Monday Madness, featuring $1 meatballs all day and night and $3 Blue Moons. There is also a bar for customers 21 and older.

All of my friends were talking about how good Piecraft was, so I had to try it myself. My one friend said that it is “perfect to go to for lunch for school because of their specials and it is close to the high school.”

Employee Jamie Aloi says Piecraft is different from other places because you get to “craft” your own pizza and put whatever you want on it, hence the name “Piecraft.”
After you pay for your meal and get everything you need, the employees will bring your pizza over and when your are finished they will clean it up. Aloi said she loves working at Piecraft because it is a very comfortable yet upbeat environment and all the employees are fun people to be around.

“It is overall a fun place to be working, even on Friday nights when the line is out the door,” she said.

When I went, I got the original dough, NY classic with pepperoni. The pizza was ready quickly and the service was amazing. As someone who has had hundreds of types of pizza, Piecraft is definitely one of the best I’ve had so far. After my sister, my mom and I were done eating our pizza, my mom said that this is the place we will go when we don’t feel like cooking and want pizza. I recommend going to Piecraft if you want a truly unique pizza experience.

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Samantha Fristachi is a senior at Plainedge High School.

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