Arctic Videoconference


Salk Middle School students in Paul Zaratin’s and Douglas Neu’s science research classes participated in a videoconference with Jean Pennycock, who spoke from Antarctica about her research on penguins.

Salk Middle School science research students Emily Zhang and Nick Logozzo asked penguin researcher Jean Pennycock questions about her research during a videoconference through the Denver Museum of Science and Nature.

Sponsored by the Denver Museum of Science and Nature, the Scientist in Action: Living With Penguins in Antarctica Program gave students a real-world perspective on careers in research, as well as further knowledge about the penguin habitat and a part of the world that people rarely visit. In addition, Salk Middle school was one of only a handful of schools across the nation given the opportunity to ask Pennycock questions about her research.

In addition to witnessing penguin behavior during a live feed, the students learned more about a researcher’s view on global learning, what it is like to live on Antarctica while performing research, and how Pennycock plans on tracking the penguins during the winter.



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