I Like You, But Do I Love You?


It’s that season again…what to throw out. Urgh. ColOrchard_A

There is a woman who has this philosophy that you should look at something that you are considering keeping and ask yourself, “Do I love it; does it make me happy?” I’m near panic mode as it’s time to pack things away from the summer and pull out the winter possessions, so let me try this. Here goes.

I’ll start with my sweaters because I have a lot of them. I like sweaters; they require no ironing and they are baggy enough to be forgiving. I’ve already donated the slim ones a couple of years ago as who needs to be reminded that frappuccinos are not a diet drink.
Next stop, cardigans. I love cardigans as they’re so easy to quickly jump into and off you go. How can I throw them out? I can’t let those sheep think their shearings were for naught. I can’t throw them away; they make me happy. And, the cashmere ones must stay. They are just way too soft. Who could look at the underbelly of those three goats that produced 10 ounces for just one sweater and not appreciate the sacrifice those little wooly things made for me? I’ll keep all of them because I love them. The same goes for the merino wool ones, they make me happy. So, they all stay. That was easy. Okay, I get her philosophy now.

Now onto the pants. I’ll start with jeans. I have about seven pairs of them. Denim comes in many colors, and not all of them are shades of blue. The ones that are the darkest make me look the slimmest so they all must stay, which leaves two to consider for the “I don’t love you” pile. Well, I can’t throw out the black ones, everything goes with black.

And now for the woven tops. I have way too many to count so I’ll just break them down to colors. The navy ones and the black ones I’m keeping (see above as to why). The whites are a definite keeper. I love white as it’s crisp, clean, goes with everything, and is very forgiving with a cardigan. The fall color ones are a keeper. Who doesn’t love matching the colors of falling leaves, honey, pumpkins, pies, apples and warm sunshine? This is even easier than I thought.

I feel so much better now. I donated a sweater. It didn’t make me happy nor was I in love with it. It made me look too chubby. That’s the philosophy I’ve adapted. It’s simpler and no feelings got hurt.


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