A Showcase Of MacArthur ’s Best Artwork

Student-artist Kerry Redling painted a sunflower in plain air during the school’s annual art show.

Several hundred works featuring MacArthur High School’s most dedicated and talented artists were on display during the school’s annual art show, which not only took a closer look at the work of the best and the brightest artists, but also encouraged peers to explore their creative side.

Senior Will Daw stood beside his self-portrait during the MacArthur High School art show.

Curriculum Associate for Art Frank Creter noted the show is a culmination of a year’s worth of work and collaboration between talented students and their teachers. It is also the first year the school is showcasing the art of advanced middle school studio arts students.

“Beyond applying a medium to a surface, or simply satisfying an art assignment, students inevitably learned that art communicates, evokes emotions and can serve as an outlet for otherwise ineffable ideas,” he said.

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Levittown Curriculum Associate for Art Frank Creter is pictured with Salk Middle School student Taylor Ryan, whose middle school advanced studio artwork was showcased for the first time at the art show.

Principal Joseph Sheehan said he is extremely proud of the students’ artwork.
“It is truly remarkable what the students can do with a piece of clay, camera, pen and paper to create such masterpieces,” he said.


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