A Jill Of All Trades

Regan Lutz and her rescue dog Daphne.

Regan Lutz is not your average 12-year-old. The Levittown native is a child actress, and voices the character of Skip the Squirrel in the Nick Jr. series Zack & Quack. But her love of animals extends beyond her role on television, as Lutz is a huge supporter and activist for animal shelters.

“I love everything about being on Zack & Quack. It has been a great experience recording as Skip,” said Lutz of her character. “I especially love working with the voice director, Michele Band. She has been directing the show since the first season and makes each taping session so much fun. I also enjoy recording with Clancy Penny who voices the pink squirrel, Hop.”

Lutz has always been an animal lover and has two rescue dogs of her own, including Daphne, a poodle she rescued from an animal shelter. After seeing how many animals need the simplest things like food, water and a warm bed, Lutz began collecting items to donate.

Lutz with some of the donations for the shelter. (Photos by Cheryl Lutz)

“I started collecting for Little Shelter Animal Rescue and Adoption Center on my seventh birthday. I felt I already had everything I needed but the animals didn’t have nearly enough, so I decided to ask my friends and family to bring gifts for the animals instead of for me,” said Lutz. “This past March was my sixth year of collecting for the shelter and I collected almost $2,000 in money and supplies.”

Lutz’s many trips to the shelter consist of bringing boxes and bags of donations. The contents of those containers has grown to include toys, treats, beds and bedding, towels, food bowls, food and other necessary items for dogs and cats to live comfortably while they await adoption.

Arleen Leone is the special programs manager at the Little Shelter, and has been working with Lutz for the past six years.

Lutz is the voice of Skip the Squirrel.

“Regan is an incredible, kind and gentle young woman with a huge heart,” said Leone. “She loves animals and anything we need, she brings in.”

Leone said that Lutz was made the shelter’s junior spokesperson. Lutz was recently honored with a dinner at the Watermill, with a turnout of 200 people.

“She is a sophisticated, bright shining star and an inspiration to children all over,” said Leone of Lutz, who didn’t think would make her donations such a frequent occurrence. “We didn’t think it would turn into something this big, but Regan promotes kindness and responsibility. We are very proud of her.”

This August, the Little Shelter, which is home to 60 dogs and more than 300 cats, will be hosting a huge adoption event called Petapalooza.

“Our adoptions are great and we are very happy,” said Leone. “On Aug. 21 and 22 we are having our 19th Petapalooza with a Chinese auction, barbecue, face painting, games, music, food and entertainment. There is also a blessing of the animals and many animals are up for adoption.”

When she’s not acting or spreading the word collecting for shelters, Lutz enjoys sewing and karate. She also loves to play Minecraft and Town of Salem.

“I have been taking lessons at Gone Sewin in Hicksville for the pastAnimalActress_060116D two years and have made some beautiful quilts,” said Lutz of her many talents. “I take karate classes at Kempo Martial Arts on Gardiners Avenue and I want to get my green belt, so I will be working on that this summer.”

Catch Lutz as Skip during the second season of Zack & Quack, which airs three times a day, Monday through Friday on Nick Jr. To learn more about Lutz and her rescue efforts, visit www.reganlutz.com or email regansrescue@gmail.com.

Little Shelter Animal Rescue and Adoption Center is located at 33 Warner Rd., Huntington. For more information, visit www.littleshelter.com.

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