Nature’s Flowers Are Like Friends

M.E. Orchard
M.E. Orchard

It’s that time of the year again: buying and planting herbs and flowers for the front pots, the front yard and the backyard. When I look at everything, I can’t help but think of my friends. They are standing right there making me happy, waiting to be cared for—or chopped off.

I’m absolutely of the belief that we are exactly like flowers in a garden. We start out as fertilized seeds, we’re watered and then bloom. I try to remember that when I see a weed—or person—that I’m not too thrilled with at the moment, I think they really did not ask to be like this; they just are.

I’ve known people who are tough as weeds. They can claw their way through anything that life throws their way and keep coming back no matter how many times someone pulls them out. They get my total respect; they’re survivors.

Out front, there are flower bushes that take up a lot of space that will salute you with little beauties of popped buds. Butterflies love them. They’re like the friends you have that the whole neighborhood knows and loves. They attract everyone. They’re hardy and beautiful all at once. And, you wish there was more room for them in your garden.
Every garden probably has that all-purpose flower, the geranium. They’re the ones that do their duty by being colorful, and with not basic sun-and-water regimen. I have a lot of friends like this.

Of course, there are delicate flowers out there. They are the ones that can’t take too much sun as they will wilt. They are gorgeous (I’m thinking of you, orchids), but need a lot of attention. But, for those that are willing to make them an object of their affection, they will bring ethereal beauty to their lives.

I’d say most of my friends are like marigolds: they require very little maintenance, they’ll stay around for the whole season at least, and they come in sunny colors.

Finally, I can’t forget the perennials. You can always count on them. Every year they are there for you. They come in so many different colors, textures, heights, widths, fragrances and durability. They’re like my next door neighbors. I know they’ll be back, even if I can’t see them in the winter.

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