Levittown Swim Team All-Conference 2011


The Levittown Swim Team, consisting of girls from both Division Avenue and MacArthur High School received the title of All-Conference 2011 with a record of 8-1. Coach Colleen “Sharkey” Lang is in her second year of coaching the girls and boys swim team.  This is a great accomplishment for these girls and they are very excited to share this with Levittown. The girls on the team are Kristin A, Allison B, Mary Kate B, Diana G, Jessica G, Gabriella G, Brooke H, Ashley H, Ryan K, Danielle K, Jacklyn M, Erin M, Kelsey M, Maryellen M, Jillian M, Brianna M, Nicole N, Dierdre O, Hope O, Samantha P, Geena P, Lydia P, Danielle P, Kimberly R, Heather R, Mira S, Rita S, Libbie S, Danielle T, Taylor V, Katherine V, Vanessa W, and for the first time Levittown Swim Team has a diver.


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