Obituary: Louis J. Isnardi


Louis J. Isnardi died on Jan. 17 six years ago. He was a Nassau County detective who worked 17 years with the DEA and was a highly decorated and very much loved officer. He and his wife Cecelia were married 46 years when he retired and died three weeks later. They met at 13 and married at 17. They had their home, which Cecelia still owns, for 49 years. Besides his wife, Mr. Isnardi is survived by three sons; 13 grandchildren, Desiree, Jenny, Danielle, Dominique, Nick, Allison, Matt, Johnny, Toni, Hunter, Cameron, Casey and Reilly. Nick is at West Point; Desiree just got engaged; and Johnny, Dani and Desiree are in college. Louis and Cecelia’s first granddaughter is getting married Aug. 6, 2011. They are all wonderful and have scholarships for wrestling, football and lacrosse from Bethpage High School, Massapequa High School and Hicksville High School.


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