Letter: Republican Promises to Voters Were Broken


In the recent Nassau County elections the voters were given promises from the Republican candidates. The promises consisted of fiscal restraint, cutting wasteful spending, and lowering taxes. Unfortunately the new Republican-led legislature chose to vote for a 47 percent pay raise for the new Presiding Officer Peter Schmitt and the leadership.

To add insult to injury, there was no outrage from the legislators who represent Levittown. Instead they chose to accept the actions of their leader as if there was nothing wrong. As a fiscal conservative I found this to be a disgrace. I expect more from our leaders at all levels of government. I expect our elected officials to oppose pay raises that may impact future fiscal years.

I call for all Nassau County legislators to sign a letter opposing all future pay raises unless approved by the voters in a referendum vote.

Matt Hynes

(Matt Hynes is a volunteer for the Roll Back the Raises Campaign in the Town of Hempstead. He ran as a Democratic/Working Families candidate for Hempstead Town Council District 6 in last November’s election.)


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