Letter: Community Rallied to Help Haiti Victims


On Feb. 6, 2010, my friends and I, Erin Vaughan Ware, put together a clothing drive to benefit the families who were affected by the tragic Haiti disaster. Thanks to our generous community, we collected over 1,000 pounds of clothes!

We were very, very happy that so many of you came out in the cold to support our project. The day started when a very nice man named Mr. Regan opened the door and helped straighten out the collection spot. Then Mr. Pappas, Mrs. Gattus and my mom joined and also helped us by bagging the clothes. A very special woman named Mrs. Lisa Svenson was so nice because after she gave us her donation, she came back with homemade signs for us! This was a great experience, and we thank all of you for helping to make it a success!

Erin Vaughan Ware, Jennifer and Jessica Gattus, and Tim, Chris and Eric Pappas



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