Letter: Moran Deeply Saddened by Sirois’ Future Departure


I was deeply saddened when I heard of the superintendent’s resignation. I write today to let the community know what kind of superintendent he was:

He came to this district when there was a teacher’s strike and total chaos within the district, the test scores were terrible and the drop-out percentage huge.

He was appointed superintendent and in time turned this district around and brought us to where we are today.

So it is with extreme gratitude that I write to tell the community how lucky we were to have this man overseeing our district. I was privileged to serve 11 years on the board with Dr. Sirois; it was a rewarding experience.

I wish Dr. Sirois luck and long health upon his retirement (resignation) and thank you for taking such an interest in our children and community. I hope the Board can find a person as honest and genuine to take your position.

James Moran

Former School Board President and Trustee



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