Letter: We Owe Herman Sirois a Debt of Gratitude


I read with interest and some confusion the Letter to the Editor by James P. Ward published on July 31, regarding Herman Sirois’ resignation. I’m not sure what response Mr. Ward expected from the community. Rioting and/or rejoicing in the streets?

I believe that the average citizen of Levittown is probably not even aware that Dr. Sirois has submitted his resignation. The allusion that “contractual and confidentiality issues” preclude Mr. Ward from discussing this decision leads me to believe that he wants the community to believe that this decision may be based on some kind of intentional deception or wrong-doing on the part of Dr. Sirois. I also find the comparison to Douglas MacArthur obscure and inappropriate. Why is Mr. Ward so focused on Dr. Sirois owning up to any mistakes that were made during his tenure? Who amongst us is perfect? If we were all to be judged solely by our shortcomings the vast majority of us would be considered failures. I prefer to see the glass as half full, rather than half-empty. I am a lifelong resident of the Levittown School District, have raised two children in this town and have also served on the school board for three years. In my opinion, I think that Herman Sirois has had a very positive effect on not only the Levittown School District but in the community as a whole. I have been witness to many positive changes and growth that the district has undergone during the time Herman Sirois has been an administrator here. His dedication to this district and his fierce advocacy of the community has not only changed perceptions of Levittown, it has also helped to effect real change in the social stratum. Most school district administrators do not spend over 25 years in the same district. Having the same person at the helm that had a vision for where the district could go for all those years was a benefit most districts don’t get. As far as his salary goes, the starting salary for a superintendent in this area is around a quarter of a million dollars currently. If we calculate all the years of service into Dr. Sirois’ salary, I don’t think we would feel it is exorbitant. I think we owe Herman Sirois a debt of gratitude for dedicating the bulk of his career to our community and should not be tarnishing the end of that career by trying to stir up public discord.

Kristin Gornell


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