Letter: Father Upset With Driver Who Caused Daughter’s Accident


My oldest daughter was driving southbound on Hicksville Road on Saturday, June 19 and was waiting to make a left turn onto Jean Avenue, across from the Bethpage Post Office. A woman in a minivan was heading northbound and waiting to make a left turn into the post office.

This woman signaled my daughter to go ahead and make the left turn in front of her, but there was a car coming in the inner lane. I only hope it was stupidity on behalf of this unknown woman, and not that she deliberately signaled my daughter that it was safe to make the turn.

This woman could have killed my daughter and the people in the northbound car that struck my daughter.

What totally amazes me is that this woman didn’t even stop to see if my daughter, or the other occupants of the other car, was injured.

If this was me, I wouldn’t be able to sleep with all of the guilt I would be feeling, and I hope this woman suffers from the same, and I hope no one ever does something this stupid to someone in your family.

Joel Bearman



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