Editorial: Upset Over Passage of Levittown Schools Transportation


(Editor’s note: This letter was originally sent to the Levittown School Board and is being printed at the author’s request.)

We were very dismayed to learn that the transportation proposition passed.

By the passage of the transportation proposition you lowered the tax on each homeowner by pennies while devaluing homes by hundreds of dollars, made the situation unsafe for the children, added to congestion around the schools and lowered the reputation of the Levittown Public School system.

Have any of you passed an elementary school at arrival and/or dismissal time and seen the confusion and congestion making it very unsafe for the children?


1. The extra cars will be emitting noxious fumes into the environment (hardly contributing to the goal of a “green community”

2. Penalizing the very people you thought would benefit by this penny saving fiasco adding to their gas bill (which is ever increasing).

Must our children be hurt by the adding to the already existing chaos at arrival time and dismissal time before your eyes are opened to the ridiculousness of this miniscule saving in the school budget?

Frequently we drive by one or another of the schools when the children are dismissed. It is chaotic, nerve-wracking, and most of all potentially dangerous for the children.

How the almighty dollar triumphed over the safety and education of our children is beyond us.

The board must find a way to re-establish the old guidelines and use the half-mile distance for the transportation of elementary schools and get back to giving our children the education they deserve.

We have lived in Levittown for 53 years and have always supported the board although not always agreeing. How can we continue support for a board who puts the dollar before education and safety and common sense.

Shirley R. and Alvin H. Briskie


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