Obituary: Ethel V. Harding


Ethel O’Donnell Harding was born in Brooklyn on June 28, 1926 and was the youngest of six children. After going to Drake Business School, she went to work during the war for the British government and for Henry Heidi Candy Company. She was a comptometer operator as well as working in their payroll departments. During this time, she met Edward Harding while he was in the Fife and Drum Corps. They fell in love and married on September 21, 1947 at St. Teresa of Avila in Ozone Park.

They settled in Brooklyn and daughter Joyce came into the world in 1949. A year later, she gave birth to her son Richard. In 1955, Veronica was born. From there, the Harding family moved to St. Albans, Queens, where Kathleen was born in 1961. Ethel was involved in the Altar Services in St. Paschal’s in St. Albans as well as being a den mother in the Boy Scouts.

In 1963, the family moved to Levittown, where her final child, Gary was born. She went to work for the Island Answering Service where she was for 23 years.

During her time in Levittown, Ethel developed a love of crocheting, with each project providing joy to the recipient. She also became a big fan of Bingo and was seen a few times a week, trying to win the Big Jackpot. The occasional trip to Atlantic City also provided her with much happiness and excitement. Lastly, she could not wait until each spring when her beloved Mets started to play baseball. She had a lifelong love of baseball ever since her brothers taught her to keep score as a youngster on the radio. The Mets were her passion, watching every game, and giving her opinions about whether the team was doing well or not.

The last years of her life were spent with Kathleen and her husband, Stephen, spoiling their children Stephen and Shannon with love and affection.

On April 8, 2009, Ethel passed away after a lengthy illness. She leaves behind her five children, seven grandchildren, four great-grandchildren; and many loving relatives and dear friends. She will be missed by all, and her spirit will be with all of us.


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