Letter: Sguigna Supports Holt, McDonough for IT Board


Christine Holt and Kim McDonough are running for the Island Trees school board and I hope that our community elects them. They are two women who have dedicated their lives to serving the best interests of our students. They have volunteered countless hours in the PTA and other committees and activities in the district. They do this without any personal agendas. They do it for the right reasons: Our students, schools and community.

We need to have a board of education that can work cooperatively together. Electing Mrs. Holt and Mrs. McDonough will help to accomplish this goal. Electing the opposition will only allow the infighting on the board to continue which serves no one’s interest.

Please vote for Christine Holt and Kim McDonough for Island Trees Board of Education Tuesday, May 19 at Michael F. Stokes School from noon to 9 p.m.

Nick Sguigna

President of Island Trees Baseball



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