Letter: Levittown FD Receives Grant for Thermal Imaging Cameras


I am proud to inform the residents of Levittown that through close coordination and cooperation with the Levittown Fire Department my office has been able to secure nearly $50,000 in grant funding to provide firefighters with four new thermal imaging cameras. The cameras allow our firefighters to detect different levels and sources of heat within a burning building, helping them to identify hotspots as well as victims who may be in need of assistance. These life-saving pieces of equipment will better prepare our brave volunteers to do their jobs more effectively and safely.


I want to thank the Levittown Fire Department Chiefs and Board of Commissioners for working closely with my office to secure this grant money. It was their proactive approach to public safety that resulted in this win-win for both the department and the residents of Levittown.

Dave Mejias

Nassau County Legislator, LD 14


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