All About Dr. Seuss In Wantagh

Back-left, Mandalay Elementary School kindergarten teacher Kristin Rogate’s class modeled crazy hats in celebration of Dr. Seuss’s birthday. (Photo by Wantagh School District)

There was an abundance of excitement in kindergarten classrooms at Mandalay Elementary School in Wantagh as students celebrated the birthday of iconic author Dr. Seuss. In addition to wearing crazy hats and reading a multitude of Dr. Seuss books, students rotated at fun, Seuss-themed stations on March 8.

Kristin Rogate’s students first designed a sock after reading “Fox in Socks.” And then matched Seuss characters to clues in a Write the Room activity. They also used cubes to measure Seuss characters. Working with Ms. Rogate, the kindergartners then sorted “op” words, placing the real words and nonsense words in two separate columns on the SmartBoard.

Kindergarten students in Cheryl Schwartz’s class also designed socks and made popcorn pictures using op words from “Hop on Pop.” They participated in a rhyming activity in which they deciphered real words from nonsense words and worked with Ms. Schwartz to create words containing “op” as read in the popular story “Hop on Pop.”

-Submitted by Wantagh School District


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