Athlete of the Week: Brillian Soedarmasto

Brillian Soedarmasto is rising to the top in high school bowling and she’s serious about it.
(Photo by Levittown Public Schools)

Bowling is everything for Brillian Soedarmasto. The Division Avenue High School freshman is a rising star for the school’s girls bowling team.

“Over the years, I would go with my whole family,” Soedarmasto said. “When my brother had his tournaments, I would actually have to go because I was too young to stay home alone.”

What she didn’t know at the time was that she would become a bowling sensation of her own. During car rides to her brother’s tournaments, she would sit there and absorb information. Her father would give her older brother advice, tips she is now using.

Last weekend, the freshman bowler proved just how great she can be. In a county-wide tournament, she came home in bronze, proving she has what it takes at a young age. Her success is largely thanks to her pleasant demeanor and determination.

“She has such a calming presence around her, despite how nervous she may be,” coach Valerie Carrillo said. “Her focus and pure talent are astonishing. It’s admired by anyone who has had the pleasure of watching her bowl.”

Soedarmasto’s dedication to her bowling career is as intense as it gets. She spends as much of her free time as possible at the local bowling alley.

“Usually, on Sundays, we wake up at 8 o’clock to drive over to the bowling alley,” she said. “My dad helps me practice. It’s not easy, but it’s worth it.”

To end the season, she was honored as one of the top bowlers in Nassau County. But Soedarmasto’s journey is just beginning.

“When we were practicing, I think three weeks into the season, I bowled a 288,” she said. “I average about a 193. My dad is going to practice with me more than we already do. Maybe by next year, my average will go up.”

An increase in her average would certainly seal Soedarmasto’s spot as one of the best girls bowlers in Nassau. It might lead to a college scholarship, something she truly wants as her bowling career progresses.

For now, though, she is focusing on getting ready for next season. She believes that her relationship with Carrillo will only help her succeed.

“I love my coach,” Soedarmasto said. “I had her as a health teacher in sixth grade, and I was really close with her. The fact that she’s going to be my coach for the next three years is great. I really appreciated it.”


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