A Tonic Boom

Tonic was founded by Brittany Carbone, a Levittown native who is determined to help people.
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Brittany Carbone is one of a kind. She does things her way, and it works.

Carbone, born and raised on the Wantagh-Levittown border, just near Wantagh Avenue, is quite the success these days. The founder and CEO of Tonic, a cannabidiol (CBD) company, is aiming to reduce anxiety, pain, depression and other chronic issues by using cannabis plants without getting people high.

“It helps with inflammation, pain, anxiety, depression and more,” Carbone said. “I’m being very mindful of what I’m doing. These are products that are meant to heal mentally and physically, and the intention behind that is important.”

Her creation comes in either a roll-on form or in a dropper. The roll-on product can be massaged into muscles and joints that are sore, while the dropper is used by squeezing the CBD oil under the tongue, and holding it there for 30 seconds before swallowing.

As an athlete growing up in Levittown, Carbone played basketball, softball, soccer and even baseball. She was the only female member of Levittown North Baseball until she was told she had to play softball, a sport she excelled at.

The General Douglas MacArthur High School graduate went to New York University following high school, pursuing a degree in media and communications. But she found a path as a personal trainer, eventually leading her to bigger and better things.

“I always had anxiety issues,” she said. “When you’re a personal trainer, you have to be engaged with people all the time. You have to be very much on and put yourself out there. I was always out of my comfort zone. I was looking for natural ways to help with that and also help with my energy levels.”

So Carbone decided to get creative. She began experimenting in her kitchen. She needed a natural alternative that would help ease her anxiety without being under the influence, especially at work.

What did she cook up?

“I started to combine CBD and Ashwagandha to see if they would double down on the effects,” Carbone said. “My theory was right. It’s exactly what happened. It made a difference in not only my anxiety, but my mood, energy, workout recovery and sleep.”
Ashwagandha is a plant that is used to make medicine for several chronic diseases, according to WebMD. The extract, taken from the plant’s roots and berries, can reduce anxiety, rheumatoid arthritis and other ailments.

Tonic was founded by Brittany Carbone, a Levittown native who is determined to help people.
(Photos by Tonic)

When Carbone combined the plant with CBD, she knew she struck gold.

“I always wanted to help people and I think this has been the most rewarding part of it,” she said. “There are so many downsides to prescription medication. If there’s a natural alternative, it’s so much better.”

Tonic, which officially launched in late 2017, is now one of the hottest products in the CBD market. Her modest Levittown startup, printing labels and combining chemicals at home, grew to become an industry leader. Carbone was featured in Forbes as an “example for what a high-growth female-led cannabis business looks like.”

Carbone and husband Erik started a hemp farm in Upstate New York. Ever since, their business has been booming.

“We turned a profit in our first year,” Carbone said. “A lot of that comes from cutting out the middle man. It’s just really making sure we have full control over the quality. We started our own hemp farm so we could have full control over what is going into our products.”

Tonic offers a variety of products, varying from as low as $25 to as high as $130. The company also offers a treatment for dogs, helping relieve pain, anxiety, epilepsy, inflammation and immune function. They are available online, with a full FAQ about CBD and the other natural remedies they use, at www.tonicvibes.com.

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