MacArthur High School Hosts Danish Team


The MacArthur High School basketball team, under the direction of coach Eric Rubin, hosted a team of 35 players from Denmark’s Hjemly School, who competed in the annual Jeff Shaw Memorial Basketball Tournament held at MacArthur High School on Dec. 1. The tournament is held annually in remembrance of Jeff Shaw, a Levittown resident who lost his life on Sept. 11 and whose children played basketball for the Levittown School District.

The Hjemly School basketball team from Denmark and coaches are pictured with members of MacArthur High School’s basketball team prior to the Jeff Shaw Memorial Basketball Tournament.


During the day, the students shadowed MacArthur students while attending classes. The visitors also stayed in the homes of the MacArthur High School players.

Hjemly School coaches Per Rasmussen and Peter Hoffman explained that playing with American students helps the Danish players improve their game. “American basketball is more physical and intense,” he explained, “and many of our players are younger.”

Rubin noted that in spending time together, the visiting team and MacArthur High School players engaged in a valuable cross-cultural learning experience as well. “The experience on the court for the Danish players is amazing, but pales in comparison to the experience off the court for all the players,” he added.





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