Students Learn To Prepare A Thanksgiving Meal


Family and consumer science students enrolled in Elaine Zeller’s class at Wisdom Lane Middle School in the Levittown School District have learned that preparation

Wisdom Lane Middle School family and consumer science teacher Elaine Zeller taught seventh-grader Rosa Pachecl how to zest an orange.

s for the Thanksgiving holiday meal takes time and knowledge. Prior to the holiday, the seventh-grade students worked in teams to prepare side dishes, which included sweet potato fries, spinach crescent rolls, corn muffins, cranberry sauce and an apple cobbler with oatmeal topping.

After the dishes were prepared, the students learned to properly set a holiday table. They also tasted their delicious meal and took the time to share that for which they are thankful.

Aaron Hernandez, a Wisdom Lane Middle School seventh-grader, put the finishing touches on an apple cobbler while classmate Amani Rodriguez looked on.
Wisdom Lane Family and consumer sciences teacher Elaine Zeller (center) explained how to sauté spinach and onions to students Guruansh Kohli and Emily Newman.
Corn muffins were on the menu as Wisdom Lane Middle School family and consumer science students cooked Thanksgiving side dishes.


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