Perpetual Motion Squad Takes Second Place At Physics Olympics


How much does an M&M weigh in units of elephants? How many marshmallows would you have to burn in order to power the city of Las Vegas for a year? These are just some examples of the challenging tasks that Island Trees students completed at the Yale Physics Olympics.

Four physics students—Brienna Carter, Angelo Esposito, Liz Yale_102616AMullin and David Wendt—traveled to Yale University with Ms. Hastings and Ms. Spinale to represent Island Trees High School. The team was faced with five obscure and thought-provoking tasks and had 45 minutes to complete each one.

Competition was fierce with 50 teams competing from the tri-state area. New to this competition, in true Island Trees fashion, students held their own in each event.
The Perpetual Motion Squad ended up earning a silver medal, coming in second place overall. Congratulations to the team on their outstanding academic performance at Yale University.

—Submitted by Jodie Spinale, High School Science Coordinator


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