Students Celebrate Healthy Eating

Levittown students and staff are pictured with members of the Brady Rymer Band during Gardiners Avenue Elementary School’s Healthy Snack Day.

Levittown students attending Gardiners Avenue Elementary School in the Levittown School District rocked out to the music of the Brady Rymer Band in celebration of Healthy Snack Day. Sponsored by the PTA, the event was one of two yearly events aimed to teach and reinforce lessons on healthy lifestyle habits.

Prior to the assembly, physical education teachers Rondi Casey and Christine Paprocky taught a fitness unit, which contained physical activities relating to the five components of fitness including muscular strength, endurance, flexibility, cardio vascular fitness and body fat composition.

“Healthy snacks are the right choice all the time and let you do what you love,” Casey told the students. “Your body is a machine, and what you put into it is what makes it run.”

Gardiners Avenue Elementary School students Andira Belin (left) and Angela Furnari held a poster of a healthy snack during the school’s Healthy Snack Day.

In addition to the live music, the PTA also cut up healthy fruits for the students to eat while watching the band perform songs about healthy lifestyles.





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