Levittown Students Search For Higher opportunities


Representatives from approximately 50 East Coast colleges and universities attended both Levittown’s Division Avenue and MacArthur high schools’ annual c

From left, Division Avenue High School students Laiba Ahmed, Hyzell Lim, Menna Abotelleb and Vicky Marinakus collected information about potential schools at the college mini-fair.

ollege mini-fairs. Students visited the tables stacked with information and took the time to speak with recruiters about programs, the application process, and acceptance criteria and procedures.

MacArthur High School student Nick Colardi spoke with University of Rhode Island representative Louis Brill about the school’s nursing program during the college mini-fair.

The purpose of mini-fairs is to encourage juniors and seniors to start thinking about the college search, if they have not already begun the process. A mini-fair provides opportunity to collect information about potential higher education choices, aids in eliminating the stress of having to make a planned visit, and assists those students who are unable to physically visit a college.


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