Levittown Students Get Low And Go

Lee Road Elementary School student Benjamin Arreaga is coached by parent volunteer Danielle Famiglietti and Wantagh firefighter Al Rubinson on how to exit the fire district’s smoke house.

Lee Road Elementary School students in the Levittown School District are now more prepared in the event of a fire in their home. During an assembly with Wantagh Fire Department Captain John Licata students in grades 3-5 learned that being proactive and prepared is the best deterrent to being injured during a fire.

“It only takes four minutes for one spark to burn down a house,” Licata said. “So know what to do and act fast. Be proactive by making a family plan.”

Licata emphasized the importance of a family escape plan and the need to know two escape routes from the bedroom, as well as a family meeting place. During a video titled “Fire in Our House,” these messages were also reviewed, as well as the importance of getting low to the ground to avoid smoke inhalation.

After the assembly, the students boarded the fire department’s smoke house, where they learned to “get low and go” and to safely exit a window.




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